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Enhancing livelihoods of tribal people in Orissa through women’s self-help groups (SHGs)

Professional Assistance For Development Action (PRADAN), New Delhi
Project name
Enhancing livelihoods of tribal people in Orissa through women’s self-help groups (SHGs)
Grant operationalised
April 2011
3 years
Grant amount sanctioned
Rs49.04 million
Activities within the grant and expected impact:
The Trusts have been working with PRADAN in Jharkhand under the Central India Initiative since April 2004, through two discrete phases of support, focusing on promoting and strengthening the women SHGs, whilst also providing diversified options towards livelihood promotion, food security and income enhancement. Over the past six years, PRADAN has been able to work with nearly 97,000 poor tribal families, half of whom have made distinct gains in their livelihoods. Various livelihood development interventions have been directly promoted with over 50,000 families, wherein the average increase in income of each family has been to the tune of Rs20,000 / annum from the base figure of Rs5,000 – 10,000 / annum.

Some of the key outcomes of the earlier phases are:
70 per cent of the 36,000 families covered under livelihood programmes have been able to double their food grain production and increase the period of food sufficiency by 4-6 months.
About 74 per cent of the families are able to enhance their net yearly income by over Rs10,000, with about 16 per cent families, earning more than Rs20,000 annually. The increased income being generated by the farmers is being utilised for various purposes, such as:
Investment in land development and agriculture - 50 per cent
Health – 30 per cent
Purchase of livestock – 10 per cent
Education of children – 10 per cent
Other daily needs.

The present project is to expand the livelihood prototypes in the tribal areas of Orissa, based on the outcomes of earlier support to PRADAN in Jharkhand. The expansion is based on the learnings from Jharkhand, both in terms of the livelihood interventions and the institutional promotion of the SHGs, cooperatives and federations. The proposed three years support to PRADAN is towards initiating and strengthening livelihood interventions in about 1,150 villages across the five tribal districts of Orissa. Overall, the project would cover about 80,000 households; of which, 27,600 households would be assisted through various livelihood interventions. In addition to strengthening existing 1,995 SHGs already formed in the districts, about 1,665 new groups would be formed towards taking up the social and economic developmental interventions. These SHGs would be further federated in about 12 SHG federations, which would have the prime responsibility of empowerment of its members, livelihood generation, financial intermediation (savings, credit, bank linkages, etc) and mutual support. Various livelihood prototypes such as agriculture, lac and animal husbandry would be undertaken by the 3,660 SHGs. Each household within the project villages would be supported with a minimum of two livelihood interventions, as part of the basket of livelihood options. These would ensure year-round food sufficiency for the households, along with an increase in income base from Rs10,000 / annum to Rs20,000 / annum (based on the field learnings in Jharkhand, wherein each household is involved in atleast two livelihood activities).

The key project activities include:

Establishing and strengthening of community based organisations.
Improved agriculture and Wadi.
Land and water infrastructure improvement.
Livestock, poultry and enterprise promotion.
Livelihood experimentation.


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