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Livelihood enhancement through agriculture productivity
ACCESS Development Services (ACCESS), New Delhi
Project name
Livelihood enhancement through agriculture productivity
Grant operationalised
April 2008
3 years
Grant amount sanctioned
Rs8.09 million

Activities within the grant and expected impact:
The project focuses on:

Developing and standardising a package of practices (PoP) for improved ginger productivity and disease control through 50 demonstration plots
Working with 1,250 farmers across 46 villages to adopt the PoP developed with regular extension support
Organising 1,000-1,250 farmers into a producer company for undertaking collective procurement of inputs, access to credit and marketing of the produce
Documenting the integrated approach and disseminating the package to 10,000 farmers in the region.

ACCESS is implementing the project in partnership with four local non-profit organisations (NPOs), involved in agriculture related projects in the region. Key activities include:
On-field demonstration plots in 2 clusters
Upscaling of improved practices & dissemination
Capacity building of local non-profit organisations
Institution building

It is expected that at the end of the project period, for a given area under ginger cultivation, the average income from ginger would increase by 100-125 per cent through a 40 per cent improvement in productivity. Losses would reduce from 55 per cent to 10 per cent, and there would be increased access to low cost credit, and increased returns of around 25 per cent from collective marketing.