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Towards institutionalising of the Centre for microFinance
Centre for microFinance (CmF), Jaipur
Project name
Towards institutionalising of the Centre for microFinance
Grant operationalised
October 2007
3 years
Grant amount sanctioned
Rs30 million

Activities within the grant and expected impact:
The grant envisions a three-year period of growth for the CmF, during which its efforts at sector building will be reflected in:

The doubling of outreach of microfinance services to poor people from two million households to four million across different promoters
Greater depth of financial services as shown by the increase of average loan size to a group, from Rs25,000 to Rs37,000
Improvement in the quality of groups being promoted, as reflected in the number of A grade groups, and improvement in promoting agencies
Promotion of a network of resource agencies in microfinance, and livelihoods in Rajasthan as reflected in increased efforts at human resource development and innovative programmes
A policy environment conducive for microfinance in the state as reflected in policy announcements and reviews.
Broadly, the support constitutes the following components:
Resource agency: CmF will be a nodal agency for SSV, providing technical support to the field partners, documentation and dissemination of experiences. It would work intensively with leading banks in Rajasthan to help design more pro-poor microfinance strategies, besides closely working with government departments.
Idea incubation: Key bottlenecks and emerging opportunities in the microfinance and livelihoods’ sector will be addressed through incubation of new ideas.
Knowledge hub: The state of current research will be strengthened through research studies, state of sector report in Rajasthan, documenting best practices, policy papers, website, library and news
Networking and collaboration through the organisation of an annual colloquium, district level forums and an e-group.
Spearhead teams (SHT), which act as catalyst to develop the district as model microfinance district
The expected impact of the project will be in terms of the availability of microfinance services at the community/individual level in terms of:
Improvement in access to microfinance services for 186,000 families through direct work with partners
Sensitisation of 750 bankers
Induction of 200 rural youth into development work with incomes of Rs3,000 to Rs5,000 per month
At institutional level, the impact is expected in terms of:
Greater clarity on microfinance and enhanced delivery capacities for about 20 institutions, comprising banks, government departments, donors and non-profit organisations
Emergence of a strong network in the state

Finally, at the sectoral level, CmF’s impact will be more dispersed.